Magnetic devices are now registered as prescribed medical devices in 54 countries worldwide with new research being completed each year and doctors at last acknowledging and using many different types of Magnetic Therapy with incredible results.  Many forms of Magnetic Therapy are now covered by insurance.
A 20.00 bracelet probably isn’t covered, but the results are well worth the very small price.
As you can tell by now, I can probably continue about the benefits of Magnetic Therapy for at least another three days, but your eyes would roll back in your head by then.  Let me just quickly go over a couple of important products besides the Magnetite Jewelry:
To magnetize your water we have several products, as well as Magnetic Hairbrushes for healthier hair and the prevention of hair loss with possible regrowth, Magnetic Toothbrushes for healthier gums and teeth, Magnetic Masks for Painless Facelifts, Mag in the Bag for Magnetic Spot Therapy for the relief of chronic pain, Weight Release Bracelet — yes, you can lose weight by wearing a particular bracelet, and Magnetic Insoles for those of you that stand on your feet too long.
Well, you're on your own now.  There's still a lot more to come, pictures of the Magnetite Jewelry and other magnetic products, but now you can proceed at your own speed.  You can stay on a page as long as you want, write notes, go back or forth.

The Medical Miracle of yesterday, today and tomorrow is
Magnetic Therapy!
Remember, these make great gifts
and don’t forget your family and friends.





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